Gay Hockey Ohio

To provide a nondiscriminatory outlet whereby individuals can play hockey in an environment free from all forms of harassment or discrimination and which encourages fair play, openness, and friendship.

To provide a competitive and social atmosphere which promotes the growth of leadership, coaching, and playing skills.

Gay Hockey Ohio (GHO) was founded in the fall of 2005 by a local group of LGBT hockey players and fans and continues to be Ohio’s only gay hockey organization.

In the locker room and on-ice, GHO  provides a positive supportive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight ally hockey players. Our playing members vary in skill and experience from high scorers with years of experience to the new player who is still learning the game.  Our non-playing members come from a variety of backgrounds with a common passion for hockey and equality.  Players, non-players and fans are encouraged to join us on the ice, at social events, and in volunteer opportunities.

GHO’s community reach includes partnering with the Columbus Blue Jackets (2010 & 2011) and OSU Men’s Hockey (2013 & 2014) for pride nights.  These events provide the LGBT community a time to socialize and enjoy a good ‘ol hockey game with friends and neighbors.  In addition, these organizations are more aware of  the LGBT fan base and their role as supporters of local sports.

Mayhem has been the main on-ice presence of the organization since its inception.  Havoc, a C-level team, was organized and played for one session.